The interior of this accordian book was meant to reference 90’s hip hop, while adding a bit more of a modern touch to it. I chose words that I felt were the most important words in this excerpt of He Got Game, and chose to make them similar to graffiti. This concept brought the culture and theme of 90’s hip hop as there was a resurgence to the origins of hip hop style in hip hop culture at this time. Each and every graffiti word was hand rendered by me, put into illustrator and given specific pre determined colours that fit with the theme of the publication. A traditional version of the book was also made. The interior stayed the same and the front and back covers were made into a collage of actual graffiti, and inner city elements. This collage fit well with the entire theme of Public Enemy’s song as it was made for a film of the same title in which a boy is struggling with a decision to go to school or going directly to the NBA in order to provide for him and his sister.