He Got Game Book

An accordian book that uses 90’s style illustrated text and graffiti and street style imagery to convey the tone of an excerpt from Public Enemy’s “He got Game.”

Olsa Tools — Do More. Do Better.

Olsa Tools wanted to tell a story that showcased how their tools and tool organizers save their customers time and money. Creative direction, pre-production, editing and colour-grading by yours truly

Oldsaw Studio Website, Illustrations and Editing

A collection of internal design and media pieces done for Oldsaw Studio.

GoldHunt App

GoldHunt is a smash success real-life treasure hunt game that broke out in the summer of 2019 in western Canada and has since expanded to the rest of Canada and the United States. This app was designed to help hunters communicate, and connect with other hunters and even has a built in walkie talkie. It also makes the hunt scalable with the location verification for riddles and in app purchases of riddles for other cities.

Time for Kindness

Time for kindness was a campaign and brand propositioned to help the less fortunate. Specifically The Boyle Street.

Melted Mirror Live Video Animation and Social Media

A Calgary synthpop band live video with a subtle 80’s horror inspired art direction and motion graphics. Along with a social media strategy for release.

Trak Kayaks

I have directed, edited and animated campaigns and branding for Trak Kayaks, one of which received an ACE Award for my work as Director, Art Director, Animator, Director of Photography, and Editor.


Prospect is an organization that works with the government of Alberta to help get millennials get back to work, the trick was to use viral style videos of people with various skills and showcase them with branded animations to entice potential unemployed millennials by reminding them that they have a skill. 


Selective works from my photography portfolio